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Covid again

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Printed Date: 02 Dec 2023 at 9:42pm

Topic: Covid again
Posted By: tjm
Subject: Covid again
Date Posted: 29 Dec 2021 at 8:17pm
Looks like the inevitable has happened again, MIQ has failed and the new strain of Covid is in the community. Not official but the word is that the police have been told to prepare for some sort of lock down again mid January, not surprising unfortunately as we have not learnt from the delta fiasco it seems. Get out and do the stuff we haven't been able to for over four months while you can. My better half and I ventured to Silvia Park yesterday and I have to say the majority of the people there were were obeying the rules, but of course two large youngish ****wits were not, no masks, no distancing and they were the so called at risk people. The sad thing is that no one, no security did any thing about it Angry

If this new strain is what they say it is we are in trouble big time.
Take care and don't get complacent because I doubt our health system will be able to cope as well as it has a cross the ditch

Cant beat hunting and Fishing in N.Z

Posted By: Steps
Date Posted: 30 Dec 2021 at 7:47am
If this new strain is what they say it is we are in trouble big time.

 Maybe maybe not...
When had previous flu pandemics over the centuries, the new variants tend to be less deadly (basically killing the host goes against rules of evolution, long term survival)  Instead the evolve to become more spreadable less lethal to the host.
 Hence why the Spanish and hong kong are now not much more than a runny nose and few aches... even without vaccines.
It seems initial observations off shore , this seems to be the case with omi.
Lockdowns are not to prevent spread as such, but to prevent overload of the still under staffed and resourced hospital systems.
If omi version is mutating as expected covid would a yr or ago...then it may well be all we get is industry slows down because everyone is off work for a while.

And as with our previous , normal flu variants of the last 50yrs or so...yes people with underlying issues still die each yr from 'pneumonia'

 As to MIQ failing...maybe not...
Seems person checked as neg...but may have caught it in miq.  That doesnt mean it failed, it is more likely that the person just doesnt stuck to the rules... just as they didnt when they where meant to be isolating for the few last days outside miq.
If anything I would be blaming the government for 2 yrs of wet bus ticket fines  etc for those who havnt adhered to the miq and isolation rules...If $20,000 fines, imprisonment was done at the start, then attitudes would be different to the PMs head in the sand  attitude "We are ALL doing so well ..." BS ... ignoring the law breakers exist.

 As a country we have got away with it rather well... so count our blessings we havnt been burying are elderly and sick in mass graves this time round.
And our medical and support ppl ground right down into the ground... just ground down.

Anyway , it is what it is... right from the start 2yrs ago...
There is another weather window for the west coast bars Mon/ tues...
Its just how we as individuals, industries and country evolve from here....

Sit back and grizzle or move forward, adapt, into the future.

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