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Lake Okataina

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Topic: Lake Okataina
Posted By: wayno
Subject: Lake Okataina
Date Posted: 20 Dec 2019 at 5:24pm
1st time on this lake, mate offered a spot last night as he was going fishing and taking another mate hunting on the edges of the lake
Early start, we arrived just before 6am, boat in the water and headed off to where the hunter wanted to check out. Rather dim and overcast - none of us expected the frigid conditions, but had enough clothing to be ok, if not comfortable while waiting for the sun to appear.
Trolled a couple of lures while checking out the shoreline and cliffs, nothing happening there. Spotted a couple of red objects around 600yds off and started mooching in that direction, Doe and yearling! Too far out for a shot, and as we neared they spotted us and disappeared into the bush... Dammit!
More mooching followed, as did a couple of lure changes when, Whammo, one of the lures got hit, reel screamed for about 10 secs then went silent... Didn't hook up. . Bugger!
Headed into a bay to drop the hunter off for an hour or so to check the area, we zipped back to the lodge for a coffee and loo break. Back to the Bay warmed up we dropped the jigs and in short time a tagged 3kg Rainbow Jack smashed mates jig. Fish landed and high-5's! Sweet!
Nothing else until hunter re-appeared and we picked him up, not much to report by way of deer sign at that spot.
Back to another bay we scoped earlier, hunter back on shore we dropped the jigs again, this time 2 smaller versions of the earlier catch fell to my jig, 4 1/2 & 3 1/2lb models, the larger one also had a tag. All was well with the world finally! All went quiet for what seemed an age so I tried lifting the jig about 4-5m off the bottom and left the rod in the holder. An enquiry turned into a bent over rod but unfortunately the fish managed to snag my line around the other jig hooks and by the time we got it free had managed to find some structure and the hook snapped off the mainline, massive disappointment for me as it was a real good size, relief for my mate as it would have blitzed his fish for size & weight.
Oh, well, always going to be another time to find the big boy again.
Absolutely rapt with our day out, fish ready for the smoker tomorrow.
Found the Fish & Game tag form so will be sending off the tags on Monday.
Can't wait to do it all over again 😊 Think I'm a convert to the trout... Over to the dark side I go... 😜🤔

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Posted By: Mossy
Date Posted: 26 Dec 2019 at 8:48pm
Good on you mate. Such a beautiful spot that lake.

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