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Forum Rules and Aims

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Category: General Forums
Forum Name: Forum comments and feedback
Forum Description: Anything related to posting or running of the forum, check here
Printed Date: 29 Feb 2024 at 3:49pm

Topic: Forum Rules and Aims
Posted By: Grunta
Subject: Forum Rules and Aims
Date Posted: 28 Feb 2006 at 9:11am

Aims of The Fishing Website Discussion Forums:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and information sharing related to fishing and fishing practices in New Zealand.
  • To create a friendly environment for individuals with an interest in fishing or the marine environment to interact online.
  • To encourage ethical fishing methods and standards.
  • To raise awareness of issues relevant to recreational fishing.
Acceptable behaviour
The Fishing Website ( Ltd), its forum administrator, and moderators absolutely reserve the right to delete any post or thread of discussion without explanation and at their sole discretion. Further they reserve the right to ban any individual from participating in the forum and may take further action against any individual who harasses forum members via the discussion forum.
If suspended, continuing to participate in these forums under an alternative registration is not permitted. To do so may result in a permanent ban from these forums.
In the event of repeated issues arising from any forum member that don't warrant banning, a member may be placed on probation. Probation members' posts will be hidden until activated by a moderator or admin. Probation will continue indefinitely or until the forum member concerned can demonstrate he/she can't interact reasonably with other forum members.
  • Personal attacks, abusive behaviour, discrimination and impersonation are not permitted.
  • Material posted must be suitable for general viewing. Swearing, links to obscene sites, and the posting of obscene images (including pictures of genitalia) is prohibited and will result in the poster of such material being banned.
  • Copying and pasting material from other sites or e-mails may be a breach of copyright. It is the poster's responsibility to ensure you have permission to upload the content (text and graphics) of your post.
  • Unsolicited advertising and "spam" (junk posts) are not welcome in these forums.
  • Advertising in signatures is only permitted for individuals/businesses who are significant contributors, regular advertisers or sponsors of the site. All signature advertising must be approved by the admin team.
  • Unreasonable and unbalanced attacks on brands or products are not permitted. Any discussion on brand or product quality, faults etc needs to be balanced with the vendor's view.

NB: Posting damaging comments on a brand that cannot be substantiated exposes you, the poster, to significant liability should the other party elect to challenge your comments in court.

THINK BEFORE YOU POST & attempt to resolve any issues you have off-line.

Buy Sell Trade & Exchange:
This forum is for:
•    Forum members to sell used gear.
•    Forum Sponsors or advertisers to list products for sale.

New Products and Announcements
This forum is for:
Forum Sponsors and advertisers to list any new product ranges, sales, promotion or special offers and only accounts with a Forum Sponsor classification or mods, admin can create topics in that section.

Advertising in Signature Files:
Forum sponsors  are entitled to reasonable advertising in a signature file and advertising in signatures is only permitted for individuals/businesses who are significant contributors, regular advertisers or sponsors of the site.  The file may include text or an image however the image is limited to a maximum height of 50 pixels. Any signature advertising is subject to approval by the admin team.

If you're unsure of anything relating to our rules then contact Grant, or any of our site moderators.


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