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Springer spaniel for deer indicating?

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Printed Date: 23 Feb 2024 at 3:23am

Topic: Springer spaniel for deer indicating?
Posted By: PaulD
Subject: Springer spaniel for deer indicating?
Date Posted: 10 Apr 2017 at 8:21pm
Hello fellas ,

anyone had experience with Springer spaniels for deer indicating?are they bit to hypo? haven't had much to do with them ..I understand they be good for flushing animals out but I want one more for indicating tracking etc in Bush mainly,i understand would take a lot of training and patience...

reason I'm asking our friends ***** is in pup with purebred springers theyve offered us one for reasonable price....have had a lab before hand but was thinking more wirehaired Griffin or pointer but they cost more $$s....even the old labs getting up there in price ....


Posted By: kingfish15
Date Posted: 11 Apr 2017 at 6:16pm
They are good dogs for game birds but i don't think they are suitable for deer stalking, maybe try a lab, a vizsla or a german shorthaired pointer.

Posted By: PaulD
Date Posted: 14 Apr 2017 at 5:24pm
Thanks mate,
Think i look into the wired haired pointers more ...just liked the cheaper price was guna get the Springer for ....but it probly won't suit my needs
Cherz for reply

Posted By: wanabe
Date Posted: 16 Apr 2017 at 4:15pm
nothing wrong with wired haired dogs over ***** would be my choice I have had my guy into the bush in chopper 6 times he works well takes 3 years to get them to slow down but great if you keep them 8 feet in front of you so you can watch there body language I got mine off t/m as a pup $350-00

Posted By: PaulD
Date Posted: 19 Apr 2017 at 8:18pm
How ya going wanabe sorry mate is your dog a wired haired pointer or springer spaniel ....I've been looking at some pups on trade me springer spaniel x wired haired pointer mother and heading eye dog father purposely breed pups think that mix could work good....if trained right that isπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜• I've only ever taught the basics to a dog so will be a challenge


Posted By: Rainbow
Date Posted: 07 Jun 2017 at 5:47pm
Hi Paul   I have written probably a couple of hundred articles on gun dogs and their training for the NZ Outdoor Mag.    My speciality theme was deer dog training.     I bred shorthairs in the 1960ties and hunted deer and birds with them.    In my opinion these dogs were too fast for bird hunting in any cover and were a dead loss tracking winged pheasants.    As a rabbiter and ex deer culler I worked with plenty of dog breeds.    The most outstanding trackers by a country mile were Beagles and Springers.   I my later hunting years I owned a Wirehaired Pointer which was a good pointer on pheasants and deer as well as being hard enough to bail a wounded deer     However its tracking ability was well below the above mentioned B&S breeds.    Getting back to your question re springers this dog will air scent deer like any other breed which isn't a great demand on a dog's nose.     If you were unlucky to wound a deer a springer would track it (on a long lead )for miles.   Where I have some doubt is about this breeds ability (aggression if you like ) to bail a wounded deer?     Also depending on this particular strain's voice ( some dogs you cant get a squeak out while others at natural barkers) you can train the dog to call you to a dead deer.     Being a long haired dog you would need to be aware that a springer would collect a lot of hook grass seeds in the bush at certain times of the year.   Despite such little drawbacks springers remain my most honest all-round hunting dogs.    I would definitely give them a go especially if you can get one for a good price.   You can PM me if you need any information on deer dog training.    I can send you a few relevant articles

As you are contemplating this breed you obviously don't belong to the image seekers who would not be seen dead with a small or even medium sized dog.

Hope that helps to shed a bit more light on your query.

Herb Spannagl

Posted By: Rainbow
Date Posted: 08 Sep 2017 at 10:08am
I have only become aware through PaulD of the existence of the Deer dog Training Programme Blueprint.     

The general socialising tips are OK but be aware that this part of dog training can be learned from a hundred books in your local library.    My main concern about this programme is that some of the advice on the work on deer in the bush is quite wrong and downright illogical.   It seems to me that the programme is primarily a vehicle to extract money from people who don't know where else to turn.    From what I have seen the programme fails to address the question of wounded animals and their recovery in any serious and professional manner.


Posted By: dannoneill
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2020 at 9:59am
Hi Mate im keen to talk to about training a springer for birds and deer, I have got her doing blind retrievals on a duck and she is going good, just waiting for duck shooting to start now. however im keen to get her onto larger game as I do a lot of deer hunting and thar hunting. I just feel she is a bit hypo and every time shes off a lead she runs too far, she always comes back but runs and runs to burn off her energy. obviously I would keep her on alead but just wanting some a basic training programme to get the basics started, any help would be greatly appreciated.
She is and 11month pure bred springer from a field line
Thanks very much

Posted By: Tonyg26
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2020 at 3:03pm
Hey mate,
the guys from Roarsome hunting on youtube hunt the kaimais with a spaniel for deer, maybe ask them?
also check out the Big game indication dogs facebook page, they run a training program for deer dogs called the blueprint which has been very effective,

He tends to flavor heading dog crosses for deer,
Plently of people doing the same thing with Spaniels, labs, viziers etc.


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