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marine reserve

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Printed Date: 29 Nov 2023 at 12:19pm

Topic: marine reserve
Posted By: fishwid
Subject: marine reserve
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2002 at 12:46pm

Hi Kerren,

             Im anew boy to computers and sites but have been fishing for years.    Ihave heard of rumours that a "group of conservationists" is trying to float a proposal to close the west coast of auckland to fishing,4 wheel driving, and any other fun activity that may come to mind. If the rumours are true they are using the loss of a net fisherman at the waikato rivermouth to illustrate the danger fisherman have on the hectors dolphin. I was one of the people who helped to recover the fisherman and his net. There is no way that, the net suposedly lost could have hurt a dolphin as it was used to pull other members of the party from the sea. If the proposal goes ahead the to be closed is likely to contain the areas from the north bank of thewaikato rivermouth to the top of the south kaipara head. This would mean no fishing in some of the best surf, kite, and boat areas around auckland.

 please check it out if true lets try to stop the madness before it gets too big and becomes unstopable.  cheers fishwid

Posted By: Kerren
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2002 at 1:19pm

Hi ya Fishwid...good to have you onboard! I have raised this/these questions with someone whom is directly involved with the forementioned "fight" hopefully we will get some professional feedback on this issue...stay tunned!!

I am Kermit, Leader of Muppets Nov 05

Posted By: fishwid
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2002 at 9:46am

hi keren,

         good to here from you hope you have heard some more about the proposal . i would sure hate to see the west coast closed to fishing.


Posted By: Kerren
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2002 at 1:10pm

Haven't forgotten about this one mate!...this is the patch of water that I feel most passionate is afterall "my backyard" and have experienced some amazing fishing and !

I am sure Bernie will have many many points to add to this discussion once he finds the time!

I am Kermit, Leader of Muppets Nov 05

Posted By: trevally
Date Posted: 29 Sep 2002 at 11:04am
Fishwid & Kerren
There are currently 3 things going on re the west coast. Originally DOC came up with a plan to make the area from the north head of Port Waikato to the south head of the Kaipara a marine reserve. In response to this a proposal was put fwd to make this area a marine park. This subsequent plan was called the West Coast Plan.
This proposal was put fwd by a gp of 18 people inc DOC, forest & bird, local iwi, franklin, waitakere & rodney councils. Bernie was the only recreational/ fisher rep on this board. So far not much has happened with this proposal. The prob with this proposal is putting the control of a public area in too few hands, with only one rec rep in this gp our interest as fishers could easily be overrun. This small gp could make decisions re the marine park such as make some areas marine reserves, no fish zones and whatever else they choose.
Other plans affecting fishers is from ARC & Rodney District council.
ARC have a review going on at the mo called Muriwai Review of Regional Parks Management Plan; details can be obtained on the ARC website. Submissions close this fri oct 4th.
Rodney DC have their own review going on called the Muriwai Structure Plan. This can be seen at the rodney website. Submissions close nov 20th.
All these proposals have the potential to limit if not close veh access to beaches in the above area. Lance from Bethells Angling & casting has a petition going ard for signatures in opposition to any proposals to close beaches to vehs. This petition should be avail in a tackle shop near you. If not see Lance at Norcross in Henderson or Paul's Fishing Kites in Onehunga.
Currently ARC have a working gp looking at the impact of vehs on beaches. The next meeting is this week. We have several rec reps in this forum inc fishers, 4wd reps, surfers & karting reps. It is an oppor to have a positive input before any proposal to change veh access is put in place.
So there is lots going on and fishers need to stay alert and make a submission otherwise we could lose our fishing grounds.

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