Whangarei Fishing Report - October 29th, 2020

Whangarei Fishing Report -  October 29th, 2020

29 October 2020

WOW! Labour weekend was fantastic – great weather, fantastic fishing and lots of folks out there enjoying one of the largest pastimes in NZ!

The whole area has been lit up with fish. Whangarei Harbour produced some nice snapper and kingfish over the weekend for those in the know. Straylined pilchards in a well-established berley trail in the shallows also produced fish.

Bream Bay has just been crazy good this season. Most of the fish are still holding out around the 30-35m mark but there are fish starting to make the move into the usual spots around the bay. Is it just me or are there far more gurnard around this season?

Slider, Koga and Kachi-Kachi jigs certainly seem to be the way to target these tasty morsels that are normally a little rare, and they’ll also provide a healthy bycatch of solid snapper and the odd kingfish at the same time.

Softbait-wise, the new Daiwa BaitJunkies have hit the shelves running with some solid fish falling to them. Personally, I can’t say I like any colour better than another and based on the fact that I don’t seem to be able to keep ‘em on the shelf, I’d say many fishos are in the same boat. They all look great and all catch fish.

Gulp 6” New Penny grubs are still a go-to of mine and produce the lion’s share of my larger fish. Even with all these fantastic new baits out there, they are still a major part of my arsenal. And finally, the Zest Gan micro jig is also ‘off the hook’, catching many good fish over the weekend. There can be fished either like a jig or cast and worked like a soft-bait.

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