Wellington Fishing Report 120117

Wellington Fishing Report 120117

12 January 2017

Shore Fishing

The Harbour has been fishing well with good numbers of snapper and kingfish making the fishing rewarding and exciting. The weather has been very trying, with a few nice days mixed up between gale force winds from both the north and south making it a really mixed bag of typical spring weather, rather than summer weather.

There have been good numbers of kahawai with kingfish amongst them, which means there is always a chance of hooking one on a spinner, so always ensure that your knots are up to scratch. Keep your eye out for flocks of birds working the schools of bait fish, as kahawai and kingfish will be around, and it is really well worth the effort to put a live bait out, or a dead pilchard under a balloon to target a nice kingi.

There are steady numbers of gurnard, blue cod and terakihi for those who persevere surfcasting off the plentiful rocks all around Wellington Harbour. Remember that the better quality bait you use, the better your chances are of catching a fish.

A good tip is to go to a fish monger and buy an eating quality fresh squid, cut it up into portions equivalent to what you would use is a fishing trip, freeze it, then you will always have good quality bait ready to go. The whiter and more translucent the squid, the fresher it is, the more attractive it is to fish. The more grey purple it is, the older it is, and the less successful it will be attracting fish to your hook.

The West Coast

This area has had a bit of a mixed bag, with warmer water being cooled by some very big southerly fronts, making the water very murky and filled with kelp. There have been some nice snapper caught and some decent trevally and the ever present kahawai. While not a great summer of fishing – yet, for those that get out and give it a go, there are fish to catch, and after all, no time fishing is ever wasted time.

The South Coast

This coast has been hammered with big southerly swells and while there are good numbers of kahawai and spotty sharks on the coastal beaches, it can be a bit of a challenge getting out, but for those that pick the weather there is good fishing to be had.

Boat Fishing

Well, at long last summer fishing has arrived, with good numbers of snapper on the West Coast, in Wellington Harbour, and yes, even a good number being caught on the South Coast. Kingfish numbers are good with the Harbour producing fish up to 20kg, with most fish being caught from the rocks which makes a nice change for the shore fisherman to out fish the boaties!

Those boaties trolling Rapala Lures are reporting some good results as well, with the weed bank over by Eastbourne, or Palmer Head just outside the Harbour both worth a trip. It’s been a long time since Wellington has had the snapper fishing like we have this year, with both shore and boat anglers reporting good numbers and size of fish.

Evans Bay, the ledge off Scorching Bay and Camp Bay are all worth a try. It is notable those catching the Snapper are all berleying up where they fish. So take every chance the weather gives you and get out there for some exciting fishing!

Cheers, Felix and Steve

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