Top of the South Fishing Report - 2/11/23

Mixed Bag Keeps Anglers on Their Toes

What a difference a couple of weeks make! It’s all go in the Top of the South and for those that have managed to get out, there has been some great fishing.

A real mixed bag too – snapper, kingfish, blue cod, gurnard and kahawai. Still the odd spikey dog about, but the numbers are at least manageable at the moment, and it never seems as bad when they are split up by decent fish as well.

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The fish appear to have spread throughout Tasman Bay now with no particular area holding more fish than another. They are out deep as well as in close. I heard a report last week of a couple of good snapper caught off the wharf near Guytons in the Nelson Haven, the biggest coming in at 48 cm! This is very unusual for this time of year and could be the start of what will hopefully be a great snapper season in the Top of the South.

Snapper fishing is starting to be more consistent. Stu Durry with a nice example. 

Both jigs and bait have been working well, and berley has not been needed at this time of the year, as it will often result in attracting more sharks than anything. There is plenty of fresh bait in the bay as well such as mackerel, barracouta and kahawai, so don’t be shy to try fresh bait, as it could make the difference you need to the fishing that day.

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The water temperatures are starting to rise now and are up around 16?C. With the warmer water a number of lion’s mane jellyfish have come into Tasman Bay and there was also a nice thresher shark caught as well.

One lucky angler, fishing on the bottom in Tasman Bay, managed to catch a really nice kingfish.  It weighed 22kg, which is a very good fish for the middle of the bay and fishing out on the sand.  

It is the Dawnbreakers Fishing Club’s annual trip to Pohara this weekend coming, so looking forward to getting over and fishing Golden Bay. Golden Bay has also been producing some really good snapper as well, so as long as the weather holds, there should be some good fish caught among the members.

Hopefully the weather settles back down for everyone and calm seas resume to let us all get out and chase some fish. I look forward to providing a further update next time on how the action is tracking as the fish continue to move into shallower waters. 

Dan Govier 
[email protected]  

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