The Espresso Hauraki Gulf Report - 04/05/23

Anchovies still providing the action 

Great inshore, kayak, small boat, land-based and longline fishing in the gulf despite the weather tantrums!

Those tiny anchovies, relentlessly hounded by all and sundry, from the tasty little aji (mackerel) and hard-charging kahawai, to some snapper and even the odd kingfish. Those immaculately dressed little white terns are your airborne spotters, spy them dabbing the sea surface, and you’re in with a grin.  

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Yes, you can chase the often-fast-moving schools of fish underneath the birds or wait as the hubbub meanders back and forth. Often on an incoming tide, the anchovies end up literally at your feet. Some days, beaching themselves in an effort to avoid these predators hot on their tails. Madness, mayhem, and thrills for any angler – be they novice/seasoned/young/old with rod ‘n reel or longline -– so many ways to enjoy an hour or three.

Come to the Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show where Grant Bittle will be demonstrating jigging ‘cause and effect’ via the big tank at the Catch! stand 

Happy autumn days can occur at any time, anywhere, just keep that ever-faithful two-piece rod in your car or close at hand, with a couple of microjigs and you’re 100% sorted for the next pop-up fishing thrill. So, it’s worth checking those tides – incoming is awesome. Small, medium, and large predators abound; the solid chunky monkey kahawai are marauding around within casting distance to provide inshore action.  

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The lighter your line, the further you’ll cast. North Shore Bays and Whangaparaoa Peninsula have seen their fair share of inshore action this past week. 

Further out, not many boats about due to the consistently high winds, higher than forecast at times, keeping the fleet at home. With the increasing tidal range/current up to that big bright looney-tune full moon on Saturday, things will be stirred up out there. So, when the weather is good, go out and get into it. Conditions will more than likely be stormy, so sheltered inner areas can often be a real and new thrill. How about trying ajiing, shore jigging, or night fishing – lots of options when you don’t get stuck in a fishing rut. 

Do you PITCH - slow, medium or fast!?  

Slow pitching tackle and techniques are going ballistic, and rightly so. Are you keen to know more? While watching what happens to the actual jig in water, you can see the rod and reel actions that create the ideal slow-pitch jig drops – it really gives a great view of different ways to make jigs work their magic…the new video, a simple, quick and easy watch, is now up on Catch Facebook. 


Yes indeed, the showcase of NZ fishing and boating and all that goes with it is imminent. Catch Fishing will be there, of course, with a big bright stand, new products, pick ‘n mix or complete ready-to-fish setups so you’re good to go, 100% from the show onwards. Time to make up for lost time. See you there: The Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show | NZ's #1 Boat Show for over 65 years  

Check out the?Bite Times?for your favourite fishing spot?here.

Espresso out. 

Captain Espresso



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