Tauranga Fishing Report - October 7th, 2021

Yes I can hear it now with a bloody BIG yahoo !!

I personally got out for a run in the boat last Wednesday, mainly to at least give the boat a warm up and charge.

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Just my wife and I went out near “A” beacon and then along to some spots off Karewa Island in overcast conditions but flat seas.

Fishing was a little slow but a very nice variety of fish were caught and they consisted of two blue cod with one at 42cm (Quite big for our area) One John Dory, five Tarakihi, two pannie snapper.

A great variety of excellent eating fish to share with family.

The water temperature is at 14 degrees and there were a few schools of Kahawai off Karewa area ,so perhaps a good sign.

The harbour is still fishing well on the channel banks for nice snapper up near Rangiwaea Island and Motuhoa Island.

There have also been some very good trevally caught in the same general area.

I went for a dive last Sunday at Motiti Island and diving in nice clear water and absolutely no swell you could dive the North Western end which is always a very interesting dive along the rock edges and big boulders at around the 21 meter mark. Quite a few crays seen and some still in berry.

I managed my limit of three good average sized ones for a take home decadent meal or two.

The second dive even though only a mile away was rather gloomy but still nice overhangs and small caves.

The scallop beds at Motiti are getting a fair bit of pressure with some areas being better than others and on a good note if you can find them they are in great condition at this early part of the season.

I have not had any reports from the deep water fishing re Puka,Bass etc but hope to get out very soon.

Finally I see there is a discussion paper on proposed “Finfish Limits” which I think is due after the “Pink Mao Mao” fiasco at Tairua. I have always considered  our overall “limits” are extremely generous , I suggest you make a submission to the Fisheries Website and make some common sense  ideas.

Russ Hawkins

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