Tauranga Fishing Report - January 13th, 2022

Water temperature hotting up

Wow this climate change is sure working to the max with water temperatures at 22 degrees Celsius and up to 23 in the harbour.

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 Some nice pannie snapper being caught on the early morning incoming tide right near the entrance and local knowledge says that next month the larger fish usually arrive in the harbour.

Just remember the old heavy sinker and a long trace maybe 7 to 10 metres out the back.

Out wide there have been some good bluenose catches at around 15kgs and plenty of gemfish to add to the great fare.

Along Matakana there are still some good snapper catches towards Karewa Island with the odd nice gurnard amongst them.

Penguin Shoals in the 70 metre depths are still producing some great tarakihi with the odd one at 46cm.

Motiti Island out towards the 80 metre marks are still giving good results with mainly tarakihi, along with the odd snapper and golden snapper.

Some great sized trevally have been caught in the slightly deeper water at 85 plus metres and as always make sure you use the landing net as they have soft mouths and I have seen many an angler try to lift them straight into the boat and then some “bleep bleep” words as the fish falls off.

Next month and into March we should start picking up more snapper in the deeper water going by past years so keep trying.

This is the time of year when the sharks are quite prevalent, especially the bronze whaler as that come in close to breed. If your catches are getting dealt to by the tax collectors, you will have little choice but to move.

There are a lot of boats out trolling for big game but have not heard of any great results except for Whitianga way and the Aldermens that seem to be getting a fair few sightings at least with the odd fish being hooked.

Great to see the number of Aucklanders and even South Islanders visiting and enjoying out great area, welcome and enjoy your stay.

Russ Hawkins
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