Raglan Fishing Report - July 15th, 2021

  • General Saltwater, North Island West Coast - Kaipara to New Plymouth

Raglan Fishing Report

With winter having fully arrived, the fish species have changed too. There are exceptional snapper out in the 50 to 75 metre range currently – you just have to fight through the bycatch of spiny dog sharks and barracouta. West and north-west of the harbour have been producing.

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There are also good sized gurnard and kahawai around in excellent condition. Out past 60 metres you can strike 40-50cm snapper hard on the bite with minimal bycatch and almost no toothy taxmen costing you gear as you fill the bin. Move around if the tackle losses are high, and pack plenty of spare rigs and sinkers. A bit of black tape on shiny sinkers helps keep the 'couta teeth away too. Also included in the bycatch recently have been some metre-long plus kingfish in excellent condition, a 10kg hapuku and some nice mackerel, which made good bait.

So, expect the unexpected when you hook up to something that doesn't feel 'snappery'. 

Murray Monds
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