Raglan Fishing Report - January 13th, 2022

Snapper now in closer

Summer fishing is upon us well and truly. The snapper are in closer and the tuna and marlin are wide in good numbers.

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Summer snapper fishing is now in the typical 15 to 25 metre depth ranges and shallower. Off the beaches either up the coast or around the back of the mountain has been fishing well if you’re prepared to move around a little and find the hungry ones in your favourite spots for this time of year. Unwanted bycatches are less if you’re on the snapper with a few gurnard, trevally and not to many kahawai likely thrown into a typical catch.

Best bait for me is small cut bits of squid, but almost anything works when you find the hungry West Coast pannies.

The game fishing out around the 100 metre contour is off to a flying start with fish coming in big and fat for this time of year. Raglan weighed a 160kg and 152.5kg striped marlin this week. There is plenty of bait out wide too with big numbers of skip jack and albacore tuna reported in the 140 to 160 metre depths.

Tight lines and good fishing 

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