Raglan Fishing Report - August 11th, 2022

Good snapper at the 60-metre mark

There is currently excellent winter snapper fishing in the 60-metre plus depths west and southwest of the Raglan bar.

The fish are of a good size and all in the 40cm to 50cm range. Oily baits work best to get them on the bite and keep them under the boat. Bonito (skipjack tuna) and bullet tuna are favourites.

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Once on the bite, you can mix in a little squid or fresh bait too. There’s been a few very healthy orange carrots (gurnard) coming onboard too, with some of a nice size. Bycatch has been more barracouta, with only a few of the dreaded spiny dogfish encountered so far. Be prepared to lose a bit of gear, as is the winter norm.

The snapper fishing has been good out of Raglan recently, with some nice fish coming from the 60-metre depth west of the bar.

Out wide, the hāpuku have been cooperative, and there are reports of even better snapper in the 100-200 metre range on the shelf.

Murray Monds
Reel Action Raglan Charters

Ph  027 903 0312

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