Raglan Fishing Report - 17/11/22

Spring snapper hard on the chew

The fishing has continued to be epically good, as you would expect at this time of year. The spring snapper have been hard on the chew most days since the last report. Good healthy west coast spring pannies and medium-sized models have been the norm at a quick pace, which usually ensures a couple of personal bests for anglers coming on board during the feeding frenzy. 

When it is a bit slower, all the typical other species get a look in with some very nice gurnard glowing in a ‘nuclear’ orange being there when the snapper are on their ‘tea break’. All the baits are working with fresh ones netting the best fish. The odd, good trevally has also been coming aboard each trip too, so be quick with the net should you want it to make it over the rail.

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The depths fishing well have been around the 50m contour line area both west and north of the bar over the last two weeks. With the sea surface temperature almost hitting 18 degrees Celsius,  the fish seem to be moving into the 40-50m range in the last few days, depending on the wind. So, be prepared to cover a little ground until you see the red ‘haystacks’ of spawning snapper on the bottom.

Out wide on the continental shelf, action has been slow in the deep, so be ready for a long day out there should you manage to get wide.

The snapper action has been non-stop over the last two weeks, with the schooling spring snapper slowly moving shallower to the 40-50 metre mark.

Murray Monds
Reel Action Raglan Charters

Ph  027 903 0312

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