Raglan Fishing Report - 09/03/23

Snapper on the chew in closer

The current settled weather has seen more typical autumn snapper fishing in the 20-35 metre depths, both north and south of the harbour.

Better-sized snapper and a mix of nice West Coast pannies have resulted in some good catches as the fish fatten up for winter. Once on the chew, the snapper are eating any sort of bait it seems. Cut squid with burley inside has been getting the fish on the bite when things are a little slower. Another option is a ‘pillie sandwich’, where a pilchard is stuffed inside a squid tube. The odd slow-pitch jig with a slow drop has resulted in the better fish when it’s all go on the bite too.

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Kahawai have been big lately, with some good-sized roe in them if you like smoked fish pate. Gurnard catches have been less frequent, with a few caught when the bite is slow or if some oily baits are on offer.

Out wide, the gamefish bite has been crazy good along the coast in the 90-110 metre range, with nice striped marlin being tagged and boated; the occasional yellowfin and big-eye tuna, along with mahimahi, make a welcome bycatch.

The Mōkau Trench has also been more accessible in the settled weather, with some good bluenose being caught.

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