Raglan Fishing Report - 04/05/23

Good action in behind the surf line 

The continuing easterly onslaught seems to have driven good fish close to shore. This has resulted in some good action in 32 metres or less, where it has been possible to get some reasonable shelter the closer inshore you move. 

Nice snapper are to be found all the way into the surf line, with the bigger trophy fish being caught with fresh kahawai and quality squid baits dropped back down a berley trail. The usual spots up the coast have fished well for the most part, with quality squid bait and fresh kahawai getting the job done.

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Fresh kahawai has been to go-to bait, producing good snapper out of the shallower water of late. 

When the wind has been down, the fishing in 50-60 metres west of the bar has been a mixed bag. When the fish have been on the bite, the result is usually a bin full of oversized pannies, sometimes gracing the deck two at a time.  

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There are already signs of the unmentionable spiny dog sharks appearing when the snapper fishing is slower. It means it is time to up your trace weight and pack a few more pre-tied rigs for your tackle box. 

Check out the?Bite Times?for your favourite fishing spot?here.

Tight lines,

Murray Monds
Reel Action Raglan Charters

Ph  027 903 0312



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