Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - October 6th, 2021

Manukau & West Coast                                      

Time to come out and play!

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Yippee, it’s spring time and we’re allowed out to play.

Fortunately, the weather was kind enough for boats to get out and I’ve got something to write about rather than guessing how things are going to be. I didn’t get to do any fishing but I know plenty who were out and I know what they were catching and here it is:

There’s some great snapper action out off the harbour and river bars from 50m to 60m, double headers of big fish are common for those fishing two hook dropper rigs. Many of those snapper are over 5kg. There have been some good fish taken in as close as 12m and also from off of the beaches on longlines. I suspect the trawlers will be waiting for those schools of big fish to disperse before getting into action as they generally target the higher value smaller fish.

Commercial fishers have been given increased quota for snapper but recreational limits remain the same. I’m not unhappy about that and the commercial guys are happy too as they find it hard to get their quota of other species due to the amount of snapper by catch. I read an account from a commercial shark fisherman where they struggled to get their quota of tope at 120m because they were just catching snapper!

Inside the harbour, kahawai rule so be careful about where and how you use barley if you don’t want to catch them. Trevally are a good target around now, especially over the scallop beds. Those scallops just happen to be in great condition also but until I get out in the weekend I can’t really comment on how plentiful they are. Snapper are showing up but you may have to move around to avoid the smaller fish. The banks of the Papakura channel are always worth a good look for bigger snapper. Gurnard can be caught but the biggest problem there will again be avoiding those voracious little snapper. If ever there was a good time to use 8/0 hooks in the harbour it is now.

Whitebait are also showing up in numbers and the veteran whitebaiters on the Waikato river are getting some good hauls.

Whatever you fish for and however you do it, there are two things you should do. Keep yourself safe & stick to the rules. We don’t need another Lockdown!




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