Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 191219

Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 191219

19 December 2019

Harbour fishing has been variable, but there are still some good solid fish being caught. I know of a 59cm snapper that came from the Waiuku Channel, and that's a nice fish from the harbour especially as it was caught in the middle of the day during a big full moon tide. 

Gurnard are still an option, but trevally, kingfish and kahawai provide a lot more fun and can be caught in reasonable numbers. I prefer to fish the channel edges for those fish in depths of 5 to 10m.

Flounder and grey mullet are plentiful too. Grey mullet are very nice as a smoked fish and flounder are always fun to catch by spear. Choose a calm night with an incoming tide.

While the snapper fishing is cooling off over the coast, game fishing prospects are looking brighter with an early marlin caught last weekend. Tuna are making a show, but at this stage, you will need to be prepared to put in some miles looking for them.

Snapper can be patchy, but if you strike it right, there are still some good areas holding hungry fish. Expect those schools to move in closer as we go past Christmas. We've been having success out at 60m, and while sharks haven't been a problem for us, some others have found them to be a real problem. Just move if they start turning up in numbers.

Most importantly, know your boating limits and don't try to take on an angry river or harbour bar for the sake of a few fish. The river bar is different from the harbour bar, and they both command respect. 

Please don't attempt to cross either of them without some prior knowledge of the bar you will be crossing. Go out with an experienced mate and learn everything you can before trying your first trip across. I strongly recommend doing a Coastguard bar crossing course first.

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