Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 17/11/22

A tragic story

This is the most difficult fishing report I’ve ever had to write.

Just over a week ago a boat overturned on the Manukau harbour. There were five people on board. A mum and her 10-year-old son lost their lives that day. I don’t recall the conditions as Covid finally caught up with me and I spent the day inside. The tragedy unfolded only a few kilometres from where I live, in an area I am very familiar with.

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These people lived two houses up from me, although I didn’t know them. I’ve seen the boat in their driveway but never took any notice. My only interaction with them was to say hi as they walked their dogs past my place.

I’ve been out on the harbour in some terrible conditions but have always made it back home safe. 
My wife and I have four sons, all adults now - who have all spent a lot of time with us on the harbour. I have never felt that I have put them at risk, but things can change in the blink of an eye. Not just on the harbour but anywhere on the water.

My eldest son is a dedicated Surf Lifesaver and has been involved in many rescues. My second eldest is no stranger to those who read my fishing reports and features in many of my pics. The other two boys like to get out when their busy lives allow, and it is always so rewarding to have them on the family boat.

We’ve had some awesome fun over the years.

Thankfully we’ve never had an event that has put us in jeopardy.
I’ve been down to the harbour a couple of times this week just to reflect and think of how things can suddenly go wrong. Some friends of mine have been out searching for the lost boy Ryder and I know it has taken a toll on them.

Please don’t judge the people involved, as we do not know the facts. I’ve heard stories for sure but I wasn’t there. Take this time to reflect on how fortunate we are not to have been in the same situation.

Take care out there. R.I.P. Ryder

A Givealittle page has been set up:

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