Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report 080519

Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report 080519

08 May 2019

Auckland’s west coast never really seems to have a downtime.

There are times when it can be frustratingly slow, but that is more of an impression than reality. We sometimes get that impression because there are so many exceptional days that we may take it for granted that we’re going to get a quick and easy catch every time. I figure we need the tough days to make things more interesting.

The whole point of this little sermon is to point out that this stretch of water can be productive throughout the year. The biggest downside for me is trying to avoid the spiny dogfish that are usually prolific over the winter months. Find where they aren’t, and you will most likely find some good snapper fishing.

While I like light tackle and will usually fish something like 10lb braid in 60m, winter isn’t the best time for that style of fishing. You’re better off using something sturdy to get the fish under control because it’s not only sharks that can be a curse – kahawai are great line tanglers with the bonus of barracouta doing an even better job of biting through your gear than the tope & dogfish!

A nice calm day out west is well worth the trip in the colder months. Despite the nasties, you can get great catches of snapper and gurnard when you hit the right spot. I’d be willing to try any depth at this time of the year.

The harbour has been handing out some stunning fishing recently, especially in the shallows. Snapper around 60cm weighs approx 5kg, and they can certainly be caught right now. Trevally are more plentiful than I can ever recall and gurnard are building in both numbers and condition, just in time for The Franklin Hunting & Fishing Grunter Hunter competition on June 9th. Held at Te Toro and run by Counties Sport Fishing Club, we’re offering $3000.00 to the heaviest fish. We give away quality prizes to the 20 heaviest fish and have a significant prize for the average weight fish.

Tickets are on sale now from the store in the Pukekohe Mega Centre.

On May 25th I will be in store along with a couple of other local gurnard aficionados giving advice (and telling a few secrets) on how to catch gurnard and more importantly on how to target the bigger fish.

Just because the weather is getting colder, there’s no reason to store away the fishing gear. This time of year can often deliver the best results from the harbour. Dress for the cold, check the weather forecast as you should always do and you will usually experience some great fishing, especially around the turn of the tide.

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