Kontiki Fishing Report - September 24th, 2021

Still slowly moving into the new season kontiki fishing on the lower north lsland.

I have been out twice along the Himatangi-Tangimoana coastline, both times managing to catch a feed of gurnard and snapper. The spiny dogfish are thinning out but still few carpet sharks remain.

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Last Sunday at Tangimoana l caught a snapper just under 8kg ,but also caught a nice trevally – the latter very pleasing as on the Manawatu stretch of coast, we catch a few trevs but not the numbers like up north.

It's not hard to get a feed of whitebait. When sea is too rough and I am up to date with bait and traces, l go for some whitebait. I  managed three pound on Tuesday, great couple of feeds for family and friends.

The snapper are in close one day then not around the next. l know of  reliable reports of nice fat snapper getting caught south of us towards Kapiti Island, even catching the odd 1one off the surfcaster. A mate has been doing well in the Bay of plenty around the Matata - Thornton area the last week. He informs me snapper and kahawai with the odd gurnard are showing up - it must be the whitebait that are bringing fish in close.

One of my bait customers took his Seahorse drone over to Porangahau, which is southern Hawks Bay, catching nine big fat gurnard on the drone and only 2 spiny dogfish,  so water temp must be improving that area this time of the year is spiny dog and carpet shark city. Might be worth a visit before Xmas!

As mentioned in past reports set your kontiki timer 10-15mins,  that's where the snapper are.

Mike Conley
Mike’s Salted Baits
Phone: 027 420 5711
[email protected]

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