Kontiki Fishing report - January 28th, 2022

Kontiki Report

Fishing fires up in lower North Island

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The Kapiti area very easy to get a feed of snapper. I did a set just before daylight and got eight nice pannies, but as the sun rose fish started to thin out. I know of a nice kingfish being caught off one of the Whanganui beaches.

 My local area between Foxton and Tangimoana is having mixed results, but if you make the effort and go early morning or head out after dinner, your chances are lot better. Gurnard catches are down and I wonder if it's got anything to do with the warmer sea temps. The lower north might end up with a great winter fishery instead of carpet sharks, spiny dogs and red cod.

The Bay of Plenty area has been a bit slow, and this might have something to do with the holiday period. Cabbage from Kentiki has been lucky enough to travel up north and done a few sets on the mighty Ninety Mile beach, enjoying perfect sea conditions and the snapper were in great shape.

On my last couple of trips l have been targeting rig with crabs l catch in a little crab pot. l send out two or three crab baits each set and have been averaging a rig each shot -  awesome! Just remember to remove all fins and head and tail soon as possible.

I am looking forward to taking my crab pot over to Poranaghu on the east coast and see if I can keep my moki strike rate intact. I have caught a moki on my last two trips using crayfish tail for bait -  not food grade crayfish, that would be a waste! The photo shows one of the ways l rig the crab for bait.

There are lots of kahawai around lower north as well, must be all the small baitfish. Nearly every trip l see workups not far from the beach.

I hope everyone got out for a set or two over the holiday period. The next couple of months are our best months of the year, so make the effort and get out there as the fish are generally a lot closer to shore.

Mike Connelly
Mike's Salted Bait 
027 420 5711


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