Kontiki Fishing Report - December 16th, 2021

  • Bay of Plenty/East Cape

North island fishing has been superb

The fishing over most of the North lsland has been great, myself and a few fishing mate's did a kontiki adventure fishing weekend over to Porangahau in southern Hawke's Bay. We had a blast with plenty of liquid refreshments as you do, and the fishing was a bonus. We caught gurnard weighing on average a kilo or more, a couple of moki, with one of the lads landing a kingfish, so plenty of fillets to take home. Out west is firing in the lower North island but all this rain not helping. Fishers up north inform me plenty of fish on both the east and west coast. Bay of Plenty around the Tauranga area is ok but has been weed one day then gone couple days later. In the eastern Bay of Plenty, the fish seem to be in closer, especially around the stone beaches like Toreere and Hawai.

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Here are a few tips to help u secure a feed for the family over the Xmas break. 

  1. Keep your batteries well maintained to get the kontiki out to sea.
  2.  Small baits catch big fish.
  3.  Use sharp hooks. I prefer circle hooks that are offset.
  4.  Spend that extra time binding your bait with bait cotton before you put bait on the hook, making sure to expose the point and barb of hook.
  5. Wrap plenty of cotton just behind the point as it helps prevent bait shifting on hook and covering point and barb.
  6.  Fish early morning or evening avoiding the  middle of the day – make that family time.

Enjoy your Xmas and I might see you on the beach.

Mike Conley
Mike’s Salted Baits
027 420 5711

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