Inner Gulf Fishing Report - November 4th, 2021

Limit your catch, don’t catch your limit

I know it’s hard to limit your catch when the fishing is so good plus having been locked up for so long but remember every fish we take now is one that will not get to breed, so let’s think of the kids so the in time can enjoy what we have today.

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The good news is the number of fish entering the inner gulf is just stunning, take a line from the top of the Coromandel to Kawau there are any number of work ups you just have to look for the gannets. Often you will see gannets sitting on the water, which is a sign that they have feeding, look at the direction they are drifting with the current then slowly work your way up current away from the birds. Generally, you will come across the snapper hard on the bottom feeding on the remnants and scraps that take a while to sink.

Again, if you see the gannets high in the sky watch as in time, they start to bunch up circling closer together as they come down closer to the surface at which point, they start diving, rather than going straight into the work up go slightly up current and drift back down around the edge of the work up.

Good numbers of snapper are holding out on the worm beds on the southern side of Tiri [ make sure you stay out of the cable zone ] and to the northeast of Rakino, soft baits sliders and yes even good old smelly bait are all doing the damage.

Some of the bigger snapper being caught are coming out of the Noises [area 5 ] spot 12, 8, and 6. Spot 6 is Zeno rock but rather than fishing the rock look to the south where the contour line droops off to around 20 meters, the snapper are mostly holding in the current just above where the bottom flattens out.

Area 3 on the northern side of Rangitoto and Motutapu has been very productive at spots 6 18 and 19 on the incoming tide, they key for me is catching fresh bait and the bigger the better. Whole jack macks butterflied cast well out the back of the boat let to sink slowly to the bottom are either being hammered on the way down or slowly chewed on and when they are being chewed just let the fish take it down strike to early, they tend to drop the bait and move on.

Area 6 the northern side of Waiheke has been fishing well at spot 21 in Onetangi Bay, here you will find the snapper to be well spread  out along the bottom. The bottom is just flat sand so work my way into the current looking for the fish in 16 – 18 meters, dropping a burly bomb two thirds of the way down it gets spread further than if it was right on the bottom. This is a great spot to catch jack macs for fresh bait and its worth putting one out as a live bait for a king fish.

The Rangitoto channel is still a bit slow but spot  9 “the barges” still produces a few nice fish even on the hardest of days, further up towards the light house I have pulled some good fish out of spots 15 and 16 on the outgoing tide.

Captain Swish


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