Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - July 23rd, 2020

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - July 23rd, 2020

23 July 2020

The Espresso Report July 23, 2020.

Full steam ahead with all things fishing – by land, sea or otherwise!

First up – how about catching up at the Ti Rakau Drive Boat Show in Auckland this Fri/Sat/Sun? It’s the best alternative if you’re not actually out catching fish the next few days. The big jig tank from Catch Fishing will be there of course, so you can see what the fish see – including how the lure reacts to what you do with your rod/reel. See for yourself the difference great tackle and presentation makes and why fish will aggressively strike your lure, or not!

The Catch team will be there sharing top advice that’ll help you catch the fish you’re targeting, whether soft-baiting, slow jigging or fishing topwater gear, i.e. all things for bait-free fishing!

Some great fishing weather dead-ahead!

Tidal currents are ramping up nicely which may well offset the wind swing to the southern quarter – which can bring a possible closed mouth attitude from many fish, i.e. a slow bite if it gets just too still. But with that tidal current swinging into action, it should waken most fish into some good strong snacking at least. Gurnard are well spread in the inner areas, and out over the sand they should be willing and able to strike. Their sizes are looking good and they’re being caught all over the gulf. Dragging micro jigs and small soft-baits while on the drift is a great way to target them. If you’re using micro jigs, try having the hook trailing the lure rather than up front tied to your leader.

Sudden drop-offs from high speed/gale force winds down to eerie calms are highly likely; you know the ones – that sudden stillness. Be prepared so you’re ready to be out there on the drop. Workups will be ON!

There’s been excellent looking workup action in the Firth of Thames, and out from the Noises/Ahaas area. If you are after snapper under (or near) the workups, it pays to remember there are only so many snapper, and trying to keep up with a fast-moving workup may see you leaving the red brigade behind. The whole area should be good to fish in; workups are nature’s wake-up alarm for fish in the area to get some fast food. However, some workups may be mainly kahawai and baitfish, with perhaps a few kingfish thrown in for a surprise. It pays not to be fishing with blinkers on with only snapper in sight – something especially true in winter. There are other fish to fry. Further out into the gulf, snapper will be sticking around the workup activity, but I would expect that last week’s workups south of Little Barrier will have calmed down.

So, it is over to you fellow fisho for the next few days. Browse around some beautiful boats with all the toys and trimmings, catch a few Show-Only tackle bargains, scope out the new product releases and then get out for a fish. Remember lockdown? Well, now we’re not confined, it’s time to get out and about and see what’s what.

It could be one very rewarding three day weekend. Fish a day, have a gander at the latest and greatest at the show and then finish it off by BBQing your fish… sounds like a win, win, win to me!


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