Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - December 17th, 2020

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - December 17th, 2020

17 December 2020

Action stations are back on out there in the local Hauraki Gulf, the mid-Firth of Thames, just north of Waiheke and the Ahahaas, over west all around Whangaparaoa bay south of Flat Rock and mid-ground of the gulf out south of Anchorite! The workup activity has been fairly consistent, but not overly concentrated in one area with smaller pop-ups of action stations spread all over the show, mainly in the 40m depth though. Chase the dragon or drift the area, it’s your choice, but both should come up trumps.

Weather patterns are looking great for fishing right up and down the North Island and on both coasts at times, bring on the summer fishing holiday fun! Snapper are biting surprisingly well despite breeding and the soothing of warmer summer inshore waters, the full moon is distant, all good news.

Flat Rock is holding both good snapper and kingfish – smaller offerings have worked well, microjigs, smaller weighted jigheads with softbaits – a little patience is required while they waft down the water column slowly, but be ready for that fast strike!

Evening baitfish rises have been captivating to watch out between the North Shore and Rakino, similarly in patches around the inner gulf, mackerel and those stunning small kahawai rippling the evening’s calmer sea surface. Easily reachable in a kayak or similar after work.

There have been lots and lots of sharks basking near the surface in shallower waters (15m), and many more down below awaiting your fish dish presentation, hey it’s just tax.

Bryde's whales and dolphins are having a great time, showing up from the 40m mark from Flat Rock right across to nearly Gannet Rock north of Waiheke. There has been lots of good fishing to be enjoyed if you’re targeting snapper, kingfish and kahawai. The bite will come and go, but there is good snapper sign to keep you well occupied, which is perfect for trying out your various lures, slow pitch and jigs – remember to keep your leader relatively light, 20lb should be plenty, it really does help get more bites than when the fish are extra-wary.

Colour has been less significant than size and presentation; whether you are softbaiting or using jigs, it pays to mix them up and simply let the fish be the judge, easy.

Further afield the big game season is kicking off with skipjack, yellowfin tuna and mahimahi being caught and the first few blue and striped marlin have arrived. A great lure to have out for kingfish, tuna and marlin is the trolling Squidwings (200gm), if you haven’t already – check them out!!

Squidwings 200gm at www.catchfishing.pro

It’s the last full week before the Christmas windup – enjoy the festive season, looking back on the year and making your fishing plans and dreams come true, perhaps rewarding yourself for 2020 trials and tribulations.

Thank you for 2020 and bring on 2021!

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