Hauraki Gulf fishing report 110117

Hauraki Gulf fishing report 110117

11 January 2017

Last report pre-Christmas, I talked about the inner harbour and how this area was great when the snapper are in close. Well It’s turning out to be similar sort of fishing as we had in 2011 with a few bigger specimen’s coming through and heaps of pannies.

This can be a great help after I have gone out wide for the day and it is slow then have this area as a backup plan before returning to dock!

There are also anchovy workups happening through Rangitoto and around St Helier’s and Bean Rock (a dozen or so gannets as well as terns and sooties). There are heaps of smaller kahawai amongst them and rat kings right up to almost legal size. There are also some snapper under them but they are moving fast and don’t hold the snapper for long.

Inner harbour

The great thing about this area is that there are a multitude of areas to fish depending on the tides. Different areas seem to fish better on certain tides. For example, downtown Auckland seems to produce on the outgoing tide with best fish caught at end. The areas I fish (upper harbour) are better on the incoming tide up to the high tide (this is a general rule and it can fish well or bad at any time).

I have been using softbaits and they work well but I find the small slow jigs (Kabura) very efficient, and really fun to fish with. I put 60g Sliders on 20lb trace with 4kg gear and instruct my clients on the simple steps to deploy and hook up. These fish, even if only 40cm, will fight extra hard in the current and pull off line on the 2500 reels giving quite a thrill! I have also found the city side to be holding more snapper over the last few days, but this may change as more fish come in and the area fills up.

See you out there!

Cheers Capt Nik (Snap)

“Nothing ventured nothing gained”

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