Hauraki Gulf Fishing Forecast - May 14th, 2020

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Forecast - May 14th, 2020

14 May 2020

With the aquatic world blissfully out of touch with the land dwellers’ plights, what we have been fortunate enough to witness from shore has been heart-warming: sea lions, pods of bottle nose dolphins cruising the inner Auckland shorelines and flurries of bird life workup-style in all sorts of places, often chasing dark ‘clouds’ of tiny anchovies around the harbours. Kahawai and the apparent influx of kingfish right into many shorelines should mean good things for land based anglers. Kingfish are lying in wait and many are knocking on the door.

The working boats on mussel farms have been a sight for sore eyes as there have been obvious snapper congregations – big red snapper and lots of them. It’s impressive to see and the mussel farms are well worth considering as a destination. Armed with your soft-baits, micro jigs and little inchikus – all dynamite choices – it’s a good bet right now. Berley isn’t necessary when using lures but if the big berley machine is flowing, it could be a fast ‘n’ furious session.

Out further in the gulf will have to wait for many. The wind strength and direction don’t change just because we need to go out unfortunately, no matter how many times we check and re-check the forecast in a mental attempt to override logic and the normal interpretation of 20-30kt winds.

I’ll be personally checking out the fishing around the Hauraki Gulf in the coming days, and further afield if Mother Nature waves her magic wand and calms things down just a smidgeon. Big game is still out ‘n’ about, and they may well be freshly intrigued by the engine sounds from recreational boats and keen to investigate and have a play with a lure or two.

There are still snapper in the shallow areas so if the winds don’t abate, fishing leeside of landmass with a lightly weighted little soft-bait on the drift could be a good call.

Skipjack tuna should still be in the Hauraki Gulf, and certainly in the outer confines if this year is similar to the past several. The little bullets may in fact be in much closer, so trolling a Lil’ Squidwings could be a good thing even if sheltering quite close to land – leeside calm just out from Waiheke for instance, and they’re definitely worth a try up around Kawau.

Find shelter and work your magic in close, safely, leeside of any land and bring home some fresh fish like a few kahawai – one or two for cerviche and a couple for the smoker.

Here are a few pointers from previous years’ Espresso Reports at this time:

  • Skipjack tuna in the gulf still
  • Good workups, solid stuff, 50m mark, with whales and dolphins
  • Marlin still being caught out back of Great Barrier
  • Lots of easterly winds
  • Kingfish on many menus!
  • Good solid gurnard catches in all sorts of depths

Over the past several weeks the Espresso LIVE series on Catch Facebook page has been providing technique demonstrations, pro tips and helpful hints so you can get the most out of your fishing. Jump over and take a look at the Catch Fishing Facebook page – there are already 30 different Espresso LIVE topics so far, and more to come!

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