Far North Fishing Report - October 6th, 2021

The past couple weeks here in the Far North have seen some nice fishing weather. Lots of rain, cloudy skies, but thankfully not a lot of wind.

The fish are in the bay ( Rangaunu Bay ) making for an easy feed 10 minutes from home. The snapper are loving the more natural looking soft baits at the moment including; Motor Oil, New Penny, Redbone and Shiner. I have been using the Zman 5” soft baits but I am sure Gulp or Bait Junkies will work as well.

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I have been fishing the 10-15 metre line which has been consistently producing pannies. Along the coast a bit further north in the shallows up in the wash has been producing a few bigger schoolies, with fish round that 8-10 pound mark on the bigger 7” soft baits.

Successful charter skipper Rob Parker says there is plenty of algae around which can make the fishing generally quite hard with some good sessions in-between. The kingfish are going well out on the shallow patch, the fish are starting to row up and the shellfish are fat. 

On the other coast, the snapper are back on the Ninety Mile beach! What I've heard from Jo and Millie is they are now there, in close and in good numbers - right from the south end back up north. Apparently, some people have been using soft baits on ledger rigs and that has been working well! Great to see people experimenting with their fishing. Millie went down on high tide last Tuesday night and cracked it using octopus for bait. Now is the time to start surf casting on the mighty 90 for a bit of action. 

It’s time to get out there team! The fish are in and it's all on. Stay safe and good luck.





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