Espresso Hauraki Gulf Report - May 6th, 2022

Micro Jigs the ‘Go-to’ For Autumn Action

Solid autumn fishing abounds, whether you’re in the shallows, mid-depth, or deeper. There’s all sorts of species to choose from at this time of year: trevally, kahawai, gurnard, snapper, kingfish, JD – it’s time to get into ‘em…and here’s the good oil on how.

The fight and flight of white terns over mackerel and anchovies is attracting the attention of numerous other birds, fish, cephalopods, marine mammals – you name it, they might all be in the midst of the melee or skirting around the edges, following 100m+ from the hot-spot of diving terns at the head of the steam.

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Soft-baits seem to be working well for snapper well behind the surface action. It’s worth trying a BIG softbait like 10inch on a small ¼ oz/7gm jighead, which provides a gentle wafting descent and a sizeable meal for a lurking big red or kingfish. But, nearer the surface furore and the hard-charging action of the frontline, micro jigs are the go! Whether it’s one of the 20gm or tiny 7gm models, the thrills and spills are pure, with easy casting on your lightweight softbait spin gear. Don’t forget to cast all around and don’t get fixated too much on the spearhead of the action – the bigger fish often swirl around over larger areas looking for stragglers. This is where you can pick-up good-sized fish lurking around.

How about throwing out a tiny and easy to use 20gm or 35gm stickbait like a Zingaz on your softbait gear?

Further out in the open gulf are similar scenes, though usually with a bit more oomph (particularly when a large pod of common dolphins rounds up a bait ball, or the ‘Big Girls’ (Brydes whales) come crashing in and grab a few thousand baitfish in one gulp). The resulting chaos is truly epic to experience, whether you are actively fishing or just enjoying the incredible spectacle. If you are fishing ‘panic attack’ style: absolutely enjoy lighter tackle if you wish, but perhaps start with heavier gear to make that fish-bin look like it’s supposed to (i.e., with some fish in it). Then, change out to lighter gear for the sheer enjoyment of fishing. Good times.

How to fish even better with lures (100% bait free) at your local?

The new ‘normal’ means I can now present in-person seminars with clubs, tackle stores, interest groups, companies, ladies-only nights and more. The primary aim of these events is to provide hands-on demonstrations about highly effective lure, soft-bait and jig fishing techniques; how to choose the best lure for where you fish; and easy-to-learn slow-pitch/jigging/soft-baiting techniques, presented in an interesting and memorable way. I also show exactly what the fish sees, with water tank demos and unique underwater footage that has never been seen beforefish attacking lures – that will change your understanding of how fish strike, for the better. Keen?

Get in touch: [email protected]  

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Grant Bittle Capt. Espresso.

Lots of really good chatter around about the famous Hutchwilco Boat Show in a few days’ time too, I’ll be there on the Catch Fishing stand – do come and say hi!

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