Espresso Hauraki Gulf Report - June 17th, 2022

What’s your favourite fish to eat? Some deep-water species are top of the pops and here’s a new big-fish rig that stands out from the crowd, created by Greg Tucker ( ).

Think deep for something other than snapper

Winter fishing motivation waning? Bitingly cold squally showers, hail, minimal daylight hours with a sleepy snapper bite, doom and gloom…hang ON!

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Blinkered thinking that fishing means snapper is a common trap. Snapper are but one of many fantastic fish out there ready and waiting. Apparently, it’s rude to ignore, so best we don’t disregard the delights of dory, squid, kahawai, kingfish, gurnard, trevally and deeper water fish like ‘puka, bass and bluenose!

So how about avoiding the trap of just thinking of snapper, which can turn a stunning day with plenty of fish, fun and some sun into a ‘fail’ or even a no-go. Target other fish and have something delightfully different for a meal or three. Give the home healthy budget a boost, make it fun with an island night – bright, big, bold and beautiful hibiscus flowered shirts (OK, maybe over a sweatshirt to keep warm!) around an evening BBQ, a big bowl of ‘raw’ kahawai in mouth-watering coconut and lime, crumbed gurnard fillets hot off the skillet, so many ways to enjoy a delicious variety of flavours with fish. Or how about a curry to remember!? Vindaloo even? Big fresh, meaty chunks of fish in rich spicey sauce on white rice with a side of fresh warm naan, ciabatta, or leftover loaf rejuvenated with garlic warmed in tinfoil.

Full moon – tuna are on the prowl around the NZ coastline, and many anglers are also in hunting mode, pending weather, for big fish missions out from Waihau Bay. Yes, the first few tuna have just been landed recreationally. No doubt, the keener anglers are spending many hours preparing for the big winter tuna trip, with night lights burning in sheds and garages while getting the right gear together to tame these mighty beasts.

This week’s waning gibbous moon results from the big bright night-light of a super-full-moon on Tuesday, and what a spectacular one it has been! Add in an incredible planet alignment in our skies, and who knows what the bite could be. The only way to find out – grab your bag of favourite and most trusted lures and experience your next fishin’ mission.

Enjoy your fresh fish, whatever varieties grace your fish bin.


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