Espresso Fishing Report - July 28th, 2022

Five Tips for Winter Gulf Success

Muddy-water blues indeed. The wild weather continues, and massive rain run-offs bring a mixed bag of fortunes for fishing.

Yes, there is lots of potential food in the salt water due to the fresh run-off, but with the tucker comes the problem of zero visibility – especially inshore. And with the winter slow down, what to do to catch some fish?

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  1. Come on, make some noise! Sound/vibration are the primary hunting attraction for fish. Add in zero vis, and the combo screams for things like rattles, blades, highly luminous lures, and highly erratic and splashy lures. There is also the slow-to-no jig…to let them feel, find, see, and strike. It is quite a process, so help your fish find your lure. See the blade added to the soft-bait in the image – adding extra flash and rattle to the baby mackerel soft-bait (a good thing in the near opaque water to get your offering noticed).
  2. Clear(er) water. Whether it’s near an estuary, stream, or simply tidal currents swirling the mix around, try the clearer waters – where fish can see your lure, struggling and alone, defences down. Don’t forget your inshore baby 20gm Catch! stick baits, available in store now.
  3. Go deeper. As this murky water clears, especially with a good wind drop, get your motor running and head out on the highway, looking for adventure…good fishing is usually out there. Out and about in the deeper, clearer Hauraki Gulf waters there should be some great fish action, with the food chain all perked up and ready to rumble.
  4. Estuaries, streams, rivers, tidal flow areas. These areas are prime targets for fish to feed and for you to hunt with a prospecting approach, wandering along the edges (hopefully with the wind helping your soft-bait or micro jig cast from behind). Alternatively, you can take up temporary residence and bring fish to you with burley.
  5. DANGER! Logs, trees, and all manner of detritus lie in wait for kayaks, boats and skis. Just last week, I found a solid log while under steam and…BOOM! The resonating sound of hitting a solid object at speed with a piece of sheet aluminium just a few mm’s thick – not a good recipe.

**Are you near Taupo next Friday, August 5th?

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