Bream Bay Fishing Report - September 8th, 2022

Baitfish action aplenty

You don’t have to go far to find work-up action in Bream Bay currently. But don’t expect to return to the same location day after day in anticipation of the bait still being there in the same spot.

The work-ups have been spread throughout the bay – one day they might be running hot off Ruakaka in 14 metres of water, and another day they will be off Langs Beach in 20 metres or anywhere in between. The most consistent area has been just wide of Three Mile Reef.

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We have enjoyed some good action in 50 metres in the middle of the bay, and not always under the birds.

The beauty of the work-ups being shallower means you can be selective as to what you keep. Inside 30 metres, most snapper will survive release. After that, the deeper you go, the survival rate reduces exponentially.

When the fishing is hot, it hasn’t mattered what we present the fish with; it is getting nailed. The good old orange slider has been our go-to, regardless of brand – the fish don’t read labels!

When the skirts get a little ragged, I have been replacing them with Jelly Babies (orange colour, of course) and these will take the pasting often dished out when the workup bite is red hot.

The fickle nature of work-up fishing (and fishing in general) is that your quarry won’t always have their mouths open.

Alistair Arkell produced this fine specimen while soft-baiting close in off Bream Tail a couple of weeks ago.

One Auckland crew fished Bream Bay on a Thursday and smashed it off Ruakaka, then on their way back to Mangawhai, they stopped at Bream Tail and soft-baited in close, producing some great action. They were excited with their result, returning the next day to retrace their steps, only to be disappointed and almost skunked. They scuttled back to the big smoke via the supermarket to get dinner! These guys are good anglers; the fish were simply not on the chew.

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We went out that same afternoon, and the areas that had fished well for us earlier in the week produced six small snapper and some gurnard – at least we didn’t have to buy our dinner!

Marsden Cove charter operator Steve Martinovich has recently been pointing Sumo towards the Mokohinaus and reports some good snapper action. Steve says that the fish have been plentiful and up to 5kgs in size. He says it is not hard to get a feed at the moment, with the snapper schooling up big time. The kingfish have been a little scarcer.

As the work-ups intensify, be prepared to encounter some good kingfish. We occasionally will trail a livebait down deep for a kingfish or john dory – and sometimes a shark!

Dave Gurr at Mangawhai Top Catch store reports that some of his customers have been catching tarakihi, and some good ones, on the fringes of the work-ups. These are being caught on both lures and bait.

See you out there.

Grant Dixon

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