Bream Bay Fishing Report - October 7th, 2021

Save your fuel – stay in close

The word out there is ‘don’t go too deep’. Fishers at the nor-western end of Bream Bay have been enjoying some great success in 15 metres of water or less, with some nice fish being caught on both soft-baits and sliders.

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The pilchard boat has been a dead giveaway as to where the bait schools are. The seiners create a natural berley trail as they lift their nets and fishing a hundred metres or so behind where they are working is a good place to try your luck – in work-up terms it would be called ‘fishing the exhaust’.

There have been some good kingfish caught in this area. Several crews have had some great success towing bibbed lures such as a Rapala, landing good numbers of fish to 15kgs. Fishing around these bait schools with topwater lures is likely to attract plenty of attention from the greenback population as well.

If saltwater fly fishing is your gig, this area of Ruakaka is currently offering plenty of opportunities to tangle with a kingfish on the fly – great sport and a good angling challenge. The same applies to targeting them on lighter soft-bait tackle. There is little or no foul in the area, so if your line is good, your technique and knots sound, now would be a good time to get into that action.

Talking with Dave at the Mangawhai Top Catch store he reinforced the ‘stay in close’ mantra, suggesting the bait schools and action out wider in 35-40 metres plus were hard moving and hard to stay in contact with.

He has had a run on the Glowbite  ‘Grumpy Fish’ sliders as well as the Jack Flash jigs. Both these lure encompass a light which flashes through a series of colours as soon as the jig hits the water.

In Mangawhai Harbour the locals have been having fun chasing the kahawai which are chasing the whitebait. Small ‘trout-sized’ natural coloured soft-baits as well as small silver spinners have been doing the business – ‘match the hatch’.

Grant Dixon

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