Bream Bay Fishing Report - June 17th, 2022

In close at Te Arai fishing well

There is not a great deal to report due to the crappy conditions of late.

Strong winds out of the westerly quarter have seen most trailer boat fishers hugging close to the shore, but this is not a bad thing, especially if bait and berley is your gig.

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The foul from Uretiti down to Bream Tail continues to fish well, especially if you can coincide the change of light with the last few hours of the outgoing tide. Some good snapper have been caught in relatively shallow – under 10 metres – of water. For the lure fishers in the same places a light jighead – quarter ounce – and a soft-bait that has plenty of action in it such as a grub or paddle tail would be my go-to setup.

On my last trip out a week ago we had success over a small patch of foul off Te Arai. Tony Orton, aboard the charter vessel Stella, took a crew down the same way and returned with a bag of respectable snapper over the double-figure mark. When he has been able to get out to the Mokohinaus the snapper there have been in ‘plague proportions’. Tony likes to slow troll live baits for kingfish, but the hard part has been keeping the big snapper away from them – I have had worst problems at sea!

There have been some good kingfish around. Tony was trialling a new Shimano topwater lure which fished well. He was eventually taken to the bottom and busted off, but not before giving the new model, likely to be seen on the tackle store shelves soon, the big thumbs up.

Soft-baiting on the south-eastern side of the Hen has been fishing well for snapper. Any drift going from 40 metres into the weedline has been producing with the brighter coloured soft-baits and sliders the weapons of choice.

As mentioned in the last report, gurnard are appearing on the coastline around the 30-metre mark over the sand. The Black Magic pre-tied gurnard rig is worth a shot if you don’t wish to make your own.

A system that works well for me is to tie a dropper loop in 30lb trace 20 centimetres above a three-way swivel. Attack  3/0 recurve hook to the dropper loop. At the bottom, clip on the sinker weight of your choice and attach a 50cm length of 30lb trace onto which a 3/0 recurve hook is added. The theory is the gurnard, which feed tightly on the bottom seeking out crabs, will be attracted to the area stirred up by the dragging sinker and will come to either bait. The top bait will also be found by snapper.

One of my favourite fish to eat is tarakihi. Just before writing this report I spoke to a local who told me the ‘turkeys’, his nickname for tarakihi, were on the chew, but was reluctant to divulge exactly where. I know this gentleman likes to fish the foul east of Sail Rock, so go to the surf beach, grab yourself some tuatuas for bait and head out a little wider with a light ledger rig. The foul I am talking about is on the bathymetric charts and the last time I fished there I was targeting snapper but caught a tarakihi on a soft-bait!

Grant Dixon

Mangawhai Heads

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