Bay of Plenty Fishing Report - July 30th, 2020 - 2

Bay of Plenty Fishing Report - July 30th, 2020

30 July 2020

  • TopCatch Tauranga Report

Well it’s great to have some good weather at last as lately the country has been taking a bit of a bashing! With the fishing truly in winter mode it can a little hit and miss but there is still some great fishing to be had.  We are hearing that the boats in that 50-80 meters are producing some good fish. Those who are straylining over the foul in and around Motiti with plenty of berley are getting great results. Areas a little further down like Town Point and Pukehina are also worth a shot. The tarakihi have started to come on too, mostly still in that 60-80 meters.. In saying that, one of our good customers had a great day in 30 meters and got a bin full off the side of Karewa – those local Mac Flashers are doing the damage! Out wide the deepwater species (bluenose, gemfish, ‘puka) are worth a go as when you get some good weather it can be very pleasant just floating around trying to hook these tasty things. Most boats are in 350-450 meters with the major knolls still the main hunting ground – in saying that, really any of those deeper areas where you find bait holding deep are worth ago! Using good bait like squid, couta and our pick, bullet tuna, will improve your chances.

Now to the bluefin! It’s all on, and with the weather playing ball the boats have been able to get out and chase these amazing fish. Most of the fish have been taken off Waihau and the Cape, but there have been reports of fish out the back of White Island so they are starting to move up the coast. Perhaps places like the Ranga’s and even Mayor are not out of the question? Like past seasons most lures are working just keep in mind the size and go for ones that will run relatively straight – the Bonze Outlaw and Heat are a bit of a staff pick so you just need to find the bait and then the fish and run them over – simple!  As they will be here for a good time but not a long time, make sure you remember your ice as these fish need to be killed ASAP and put on ice or it will all be a waste of time and effort and fish!

The Tauranga team would like to send out a congrats to Draydon Layne for the outstanding catch over the weekend – 91kg SBT on 15kg! We’re picking there might be some records to come!

- Top Catch Tauranga team

  • TopCatch Mount Maunganui Report

Who didn’t get out over the weekend with this awesome winter weather and fishing! There’s been some good reports with the snapper being hard on the chew along the sand in 15m to 30 meters with a bit of structure around. Our 3kg salmon berley an 2kg bullet tunas have been doing the job with 8/0 BKK octopus beak hooks stray lining big baits back in to the reef. Tarakihi are starting to move in closer to the shoreline reefs in good numbers. Beach fishing is still hard work although there is still plenty of fat kahawai to catch. With spring just around the corner we should start seeing snappers move in closer where the long rods will start coming out. Pop into the Mount Top Catch shop for your bait and burley tips!

- Ray

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