The Store report August 31-Sept 4

The Store report August 31-Sept 4

31 August 2017

Well it can't get any better, we have been spoilt for choice this year and the fishing is still fantastic.

There are days when you have had to work a little harder to find fish, due to the fact that the conditions have changed since you last fished, or the river volumes have again altered due to overnight rain which seems to be the way of life at present.

We have at last had some particularly good settled sunny weather for a reasonable period of time and again this week gone back to the pattern of sunshine one day and rainfall either overnight, or during the day the next. Certainly though often the weather pattern is not exactly as the forecast reads, but just a phone call is the easiest way to find out what is happening.

River and streams have all had a little additional water this week, which has as expected given us a little additional volume and some colour. This will ease out quite quickly even with the lake level as it is, due to the fact that the period of rain has been shorter in duration.

This week has seen a little easing of the pressure on the water and often as I find, the pressure being in the lower river, especially the Tongariro leaving large tracts of water unfished or underfished in the middle and upper reaches of the Tongariro. Still amazing numbers of fish holding, some that have a little colour but good condition as they have been in the river a little longer than others. Also a number of lovely browns appearing which is a postitive.

The smaller streams, Waimarino, Waiataka have all produced good results, a bit of bush bashing at times, but they are with the higher water table, lake level and rainfall, giving volume and cover allowing fish to hold the length and breadth.

The T/t what can I say, its been amazing, little pressue at the momnet but so many fish, both wet and nymphers alike being well rewarded and most trekking to the middle and upper river, take care if your crossing as we still have a significant amount of water still holding.

The spring fed streams Hine and Waitahanui have continued to yield good numbers and less pressure allowing anglers to fish water that they know and enjoy.

River mouths have had little pressure, inside of the mouths having fished a little better, but little wind helps and a higher lake levels for those small streams producing good rips that are spilling, allowing fish to move into the streams unimpeded.

Lake fishing likewise has been unreal, little pressure at this time of the year and often a perception that the fishing is hard, but thats not the case at all, with action in close as the weather allows, and when there is not too much dirty water, as a result of rainfall.

Feel free to call for an update, take care on the water cheers Pete and Stella

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