Taupo-Turangi Fishing Report - July 14th, 2022

  • Connor Andrew

River action heats up after floods.

The fishing continues to fire on all cylinders with lots of very happy anglers making their way through the shop! 
The DoC staff that have been working at the fish trap have said that the data from this year has been the best since 1998, with an average size of 1.9kg coming through. This is very encouraging news and shows just how far the Taupo fishery has come in the past few years. 
The Hinemaiaia is still loaded with trout, however, we are starting to see a lot of coloured-up and spent fish caught. There has been significant angler pressure there as well, with the river seeing plenty of people, while the Tongariro and Tauranga Taupo have been too high to fish these last few days. 
Prior to that, the Tauranga Taupo has seen some fantastic fishing, with lots of big chrome rainbows giving anglers a hurry up as they blast around the pools! As I write this, the river is still too high to fish, but once it drops we should see the action continue. The timing is perfect for the school holidays and is expected to continue through into August. 
The Tongariro has had its third big fresh this year, with the river getting up over 300 cumec. This should set us up perfectly for the next while, and with the winter fly festival coming up in the middle of August, it bodes well for some fantastic fishing ahead! 

The Tongariro has just had its third ‘flush’ this year and this should be followed by some hot angling action.

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Both wet lining and nymphing have been doing the damage, with hot head Woolly Buggers being the most popular fly heading out of our fly trays for the anglers swinging, and the Category 3 Carpet Caddis for the nymphers. The pink beaded version of the Carpet Caddis has been particularly effective, especially in the faster water. With the river level dropping, green caddis patterns will be on fire as the copious amounts of caddis in the river will have been dislodged by the higher flows. These will be getting flushed down river to the hordes of rainbows waiting.
It is a fantastic time of year to get into some of the best fishing we have seen in years. Head on down to Turangi, call into Sporting Life and we will get you up to date with where and what is fishing well and get you geared up and ready to get a taste of the action!
Connor Andrew
Sporting Life
The Mall
Ph: 07 386 8996
Web: www.sportinglife-turangi.co.nz



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