Rotorua Lakes Fishing Report - June 30th, 2022

Lake Rotoma produces great action

It’s been a great couple of weeks fishing some of the Rotorua lakes, especially Lake Rotoma.

Plenty of spawning rainbows have kept anglers busy,  mainly from the beach to the left of the boat ramp off Matahi Road. There is parking close nearby with excellent walking access along the rock-lined beach, and you can continue to walk west and find fish on redds or cruising up and down the shoreline.

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Most methods will catch fish, though nymphs and globugs under an indicator are proving very effective. The same goes for Lake Okataina, where you can find fish around the edges; one spot to the far right of the beach past the lodge will hold a few spawning pairs. These particular areas will close at the end of June, along with other locations, to allow the trout to spawn in peace.

If you are willing to spend time exploring other parts of lakes with a similar type of underwater landscape where fish could find ideal gravel sections for spawning, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Lake Rerewhakaaitu has finally had moments of good fishing, mainly around the liberation areas or gravel sections accessible only by boat. Lake Okareka, at Boyes Beach, and the main boat ramp off Acacia road, have also been producing well at times.

Another spot fishing surprisingly well is the Ohau channel. Fish can be seen in the sandy run area below the weir at the tail end of the deep channel where it shallows. Spawning behaviour has been observed, yet the condition of these fish is impressive, with a few fin-clipped Rotoiti fish being caught.

Lake Rotoiti has been like a switch: on one day, off the next. The Pipe at Hinehopu has produced a couple of double-figure fish in the past week or so; this spot generally fishes best when the pipe is gushing from heavy torrential rain followed by a frost. As we head into July, I suspect we should get another solid run of top fishing.

Dion James

Fins and Swirls Visual Media

[email protected]


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