Rotorua Fishing Report - 09/03/23

Ngongotahā holding some good browns

The last couple of weeks has seen the most settled run of weather we have had for the last four months. Light winds and sunshine have been a welcome relief from the rain and winds that have plagued us.

The Ngongotahā Stream is now clean and fishable. It has suffered flood damage, but good numbers of fish have entered the stream and will continue to do over the next few months. The browns in particular will be in great shape, with many trophy-size specimens in the mix.

Lake Rotoiti has still been the pick of lakes to fish for the boaties; the fish have been fairly well spread out, which is unusual for this time of the year as the lake temperatures are not that high. We are starting to cool off at night, but with the high lake level, the lake temperatures are just a little cooler than normal.

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Lake Rotoiti continues to produce nice fish with various methods – from trolling to jigging – all working well.

With this in mind, all types of fishing have worked: trolling, downrigging, jigging and soft baiting. The trout are in great condition, with fish regularly going over 3.5kg. The shoals of smelt are very thick, and the best fishing is found off the edges of these.
We have found that moving your flies is more productive at the moment, so we are often drifting through the shoals of bait to give the flies movement. When there is some wind, swinging off the anchor has been productive also.

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The most consistent fishing has been found from Moose Reef, Hauparu, Ruato, Gisborne Point, down to Waiteti stream mouth. Smelt patterns have still been the best producers of fish.

I have also managed a few days on the ocean out from Bowentown and Tauranga. The inshore snapper fishing and trevally action have been exceptional. I was also lucky enough to take the fly rod onto the Tauranga harbour and get a kingfish on the fly.

There are many opportunities there for those putting in the effort, so make the most of these weather windows and enjoy the fishing.

Go well, Mike Davis.

Mike Davis
Rotorua Hunting and Fishing New Zealand
360 Te Ngae Road, Lynmore Junction, Lynmore, Rotorua 3010
07 349 6303



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