Rotorua Fishing Report - 02/05/24

Great fishing continues

In the creeks such as the Ngongotaha and Waiteti we have had extensive movements of exceptional brown trout. These fish are starting at 8lb and going up from there.  One of my staff members Ivan has landed two fish over 10lb in the last week.

The best way to target these big browns is with a single nymph rig, sometimes with a BB split shot 30cm above the nymph. This will ensure that your fly is bouncing on the bottom and when you hook a fish there isn’t a spare fly that can potentially end up hooking flood debris in the rivers.

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Lake Rotorua has been a little quieter of late with the water temperatures starting to drop so concentrate more on the rivers at present. The Ohau Chanel is fishing really well at the moment with both big rainbows and browns being landed. This is the body of water that joins Lake Rotoiti from Rotorua and will fish very well from here through to closing at the end of June. Most people will swing wet flies (streamer) patterns on a fast-sinking line to get the best results.

Lake Tarawera is fishing well, the stream mouths are producing good fish for the fly fishers using doll flies and booby patterns. Areas such as Te Wairoa, the twin streams and Waitangi streams will all fish well at the bookends of the day around first and last light. Fish will have moved into the Tarawera Outlet and this will give anglers the unique opportunity to sight fish exceptionally clean water for lovely large fish. Many people will nymph the river section and because it is accessible only by boat you will probably have this section of river to yourself. Jigging on Tarawera continues to be very successful with many fish around 5-6lb but often customers are telling us that they’re regularly landing fish of over 8lb on Pat Swift smelt patterns such as the grey ghost and slimy ghost.

Rotoiti is still producing the goods, many fish over 7lb are coming to the net, and the fly anglers along the southeastern shoreline are going well. For best results fish into the night when the trout come up and feed in the shallows of the small streams running into the lake. Most people will fly fish with doll flies on a floating or slowly sinking line otherwise they will cast shooting heads and drag the bottom with booby patterns.

The jigging on the lake has been phenomenal, the trout are gorging on huge shoals of smelt, so make sure you use your sounder to locate the outer edge of the shoal as this is where the fish are feeding their hardest. We have had great success at Moose Reef, Hauparu and Gisborne Point. The front of Ruatau will have fish stacking up before they move in close to spawn and it would be well worth exploring down towards the pipe area also. Grey ghost, slimy ghost and the yellow lady have been working a charm, and don’t be afraid to go down to a size 6 hook as the smelt have been very large.

All the best over the next couple of weeks, we haven’t had much wind so make the most of these amazing, settled periods.

Mike Davis

Rotorua Hunting and Fishing New Zealand

360 Te Ngae Road, Lynmore Junction, Lynmore, Rotorua 3010

07 349 6303


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