Rotorua Area Report - 01/06/23

Ngongataha stream fishing well 

In between the large weather fronts that are still regularly hitting us with heavy rain we have had some magnificent, settled days out on the lake with little-to-no wind. 

As the river cleans up, the Ngongotaha stream has been fishing well with some lovely browns still coming out. The rainbows are entering the river en masse, so great fishing is to be had for those who get out on the stream. ?Most people are upstream nymphing with glow bugs now as we prepare for the spawning season. The river is busy but there are more than enough fish for everyone. 

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Lake Rotoiti is very full and fishing well. I was lucky enough to jump out with Pat Swift jigging the other day where we landed good numbers of lovely fish to just under 8lb. The fish are starting to spread out as the water temperature drops, but they’re still feeding well on the large shoals of smelt. Once you find the bait, cruise along and try to find the edge of the school, where hopefully the trout have broken the outside edges up and are feeding well. We found most of the fish were in the depth range of 18-24 metres. We caught fish on a range of Pat’s flies, with the grey ghost, jack sprat, and Kilwell no 1 all producing good numbers of trout.

Mike made the most of a recent break in the weather to go jigging on Lake Rotiti where a Pat Swift tied jack sprat nailed this great-conditioned fish. 

The land-based fly angler is going well as the fish are now in Ruato Bay and Waiiti stream is producing also. Most people during the day will fish with fast-sinking shooting heads and slow-retrieve booby flies. After dark, the majority of anglers will fish a floating line with a doll fly as the fish come up into the shallows. 

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Lake Tarawera continues to have a great year; the fly fishers are going well at Te Wairoa, the Landing, and Orchard areas fishing the same techniques as the people on Rotoiti. Out on the lake, the boaties are catching fish on a range of techniques, with trolling, down-rigging, and jigging all working well. ? 

We only have a month left to fish these lakes, so make the most of every opportunity you get around the weather. ? 

Unfortunately, the level of Lake Rotoma is so high we may not be able to launch a boat here this winter. The water level is right up at the roadside, so watch this space – hopefully, it drains, but at the moment it appears the only way to fish the lake will be from the shoreline. 

Get out there and make the most of the good weather windows! There is some amazing fishing to be had.

Check out the Bite Times for your favourite fishing spot here.

Tight lines and best of luck. 

Mike Davis
Rotorua Hunting and Fishing New Zealand
360 Te Ngae Road, Lynmore Junction, Lynmore, Rotorua 3010
07 349 6303


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