Variety fishing comp launches later this year

Variety fishing comp launches later this year

Variety have teamed up with the NZ Fishing Comp so that you can do your part to help Kiwi kids live the childhood they deserve, simply by enjoying one of your favourite pastimes.

Fishers entering the competition, just by participating, will help improve the lives of children living in poverty, and have the chance to win some great prizes.

A childhood should be filled with fun and freedom, but for one in five Kiwi kids this isn’t their reality. Poverty means they miss out on opportunities to participate in sports, have the essentials like uniform, medical equipment, bedding and clothing.  Variety are doing their part to try change this, and soon you’ll have your chance to help them by enjoying a favourite pastime.

May lives in the Bay of Plenty surrounded by water.  The lively seven-year-old was scared of being in the water but wanted to join in with her friends. Unfortunately, her mother was unable to afford the swimming lessons that could help build her confidence.

With help from Variety’s kind supporters May’s mum has seen her make amazing progress. “We applied for funding for swimming lessons, and it has made a huge difference in May’s confidence in the pool. This summer is the first year she has let her head get wet with water in the pool.”

Like May, every child deserves the opportunity to fully participate in the activities they love and develop important life skills. Variety – the Children’s Charity helps thousands of Kiwi kids have the happier, healthier childhood they deserve.

Poverty casts a shadow over the childhoods of far too many Kiwi kids. The Child Poverty Monitor 2020 showed that one in five children in New Zealand - about 235,000 - live in relative poverty after housing costs have been deducted. 

For some, this can even be life threatening.

Twelve-year-old Violet lives with a lung condition and congenital disability. In order to just breathe, Violet needs a specialist vest and machine which would cost more than $800.  Her distraught mother writes:

‘My daughter needs this equipment to keep her healthy. If she doesn’t have her therapy sessions, she will likely develop chest infections in her already compromised lungs that will cause more damage and possible death.’

Variety understands just how diverse children’s needs can be, and so they provide kids like Violet and May with the individual support they need.

The charity is also proof that every bit counts. The majority of Variety’s funding comes from individual donors - everyday Kiwis who just want to make a difference in young lives.

Every day, Kiwi kids go without the basics most of us take for granted. This has a profound impact on their health, education and wellbeing.

Variety is changing this, one child at a time, giving them the childhood they deserve.

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21 April 2021

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