The CombiMaster Inverter / Charger from Mastervolt Wins Industry Award

The CombiMaster Inverter / Charger from Mastervolt Wins Industry Award

Menomonee Falls, WI:

Mastervolt is proud to announce that the new CombiMaster Inverter/Charger is the recipient of a 2020
Boating Industry Top Product Award. “Meaningful innovation is what drives us at Mastervolt”, stated Ton
de Winter, Managing Director at Mastervolt. “We are proud to be recognized for our dedication to bring
groundbreaking new products to the market.”

The new CombiMaster inverter / charger represents a true evolution in integrated power conversion
technology. It connects seamlessly to a CZone, MasterBus, or NMEA 2000 network. This allows
monitoring and control from a centralized touch screen. CombiMaster also directly communicates and
shares information with other devices connected on the network to provide a true system-based power
conversion solution.

“With so much technology available today, system integration is critical.” Stated Mara White, Mastervolt
US Product Manager. “CombiMaster simplifies power conversion by working collaboratively with other
network components, and providing remote monitoring and control of vital functions”.

Combimaster offers wide DC input voltage ranges (6-18V DC) and flat battery support at 25% under 10V.
It ensures fast, safe, and efficient charging of FLA, AGM, Gel, and even Li-Ion batteries. The wide AC
input range (70-140VAC) ensures pure sine wave performance of AC devices and charging even with
adverse power conditions.

The new Combimaster was designed and built to work in harsh marine environments. The innovative
microprocessor functionality delivers true rated output even at elevated temperatures up to 104° F. It
also has the highest efficiency rating of any inverter / charger on the market (93%). The intuitive design
provides easy-access connectors to simplify installation. Bright, easy-to-read LEDs provide real time
status and functional data.

The construction of CombiMaster allows for either vertical or horizontal installation. This allows for
placement flexibility and simplifies installation.


CombiMaster Features

• Most compact and lightweight inverter / charger in its class

• Reliable, cost effective and hum-free

• High VA rating and > 200 % peak power to start even the heaviest loads

• Pure Sine technology prevents malfunctions and damage to electronic equipment


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• Low-loss HF technology allows for longer operation from your batteries

• Powerful and intelligent 3-step+ battery charger for fast and safe charging

• Fast, automatic switching between mains and inverter mode

• Power Assist prevents blown main fuses

• Generator compatible

• Quick installation and heavy duty connections

• UL, ABYC and FCC certified

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09 May 2020

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