The all new WASSP F3X setting a new standard in multibeam sounder technology

The all new WASSP F3X setting a new standard in multibeam sounder technology

Introducing the very latest power plus model from WASSP. The all new F3X model is a quantum leap forward in multibeam sounder technology. Signi?cant advances by WASSP engineers have achieved an overall result more than 12 times more powerful than our previous F3 model. Incremental and detailed improvements to the core function of the WASSP technology elevates the F3X to a new standard of performance for the ?shing industry. Better target detection, deeper depths, greater screen clarity generated by more energy and better processing than ever before.

WASSP, the professional multibeam sounder that delivers water column and seabed profiling with 224 beams offering significant improvements in speed and accuracy over conventional single-beam echo-sounders, is delighted to announce the launch of its big brother in the F Series product range. The F3X with additional processing and transmission energy will benefit from additional performance at all depths and get the same great WASSP features and functionality in deeper waters providing fishermen world over with increased profitability.

With over 1500 WASSP users around the world we have been constantly asked to provide these great features and functions for fishing in deeper waters. Fishing boats with a lot of other tools including single beam, split beam, chirp sounders and sonar of different ranges and frequency are still missing the multibeam benefits to provide world class mapping of the sea floor and water column in a 2D or 3D. No matter how deep the water gets it is still very important to be able to see backscatter and see where the rocks finish and mud begins.

WASSP users have all the benefits from the mapping by finding, evaluating and deciding what fish to target faster. This results in less wasted fuel and once targeted the WASSP will enable the operator to fish near obstacles without getting gear caught, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of fishing. We have heard many stories of gear being saved but more importantly allowing fishing much closer to an obstacle than one would otherwise dare to without losing any fishing gear.

The WASSP F3X offers significantly more power along with long pulse time that equates to more energy in the water meaning more clarity in shallow and medium depths of 50 to 500m. The F3X with the 80kHz transducer provides the ability to operate as a sounder in depths of 1000m and provide mapping of the sea floor with Water Column Targets (fish) shown in 850m of water. F3X also comes as standard with our patent pending Interference Management Systems (IMS) including AKP ready for install on complex vessels with several other sounders and sonars installed.

Rufus Whiteford, WASSP’s Global Marketing Manager, commented: “WASSP has become an essential tool for many fishing vessels around the world. This new F3X with extra power, extra depth and extra performance will provide a whole new set of fishing boats with additional profit.”

Stefan Richardson, WASSP’s CTO, added: “The WASSP R&D team are very proud to be able to release this latest WASSP system that will bring our ground-breaking multibeam technology to a whole new spectrum of the fishing industry all over the world.”

WASSP systems are used extensively for fishing, surveying and mapping and a range of other activities, its multibeam sounder technology highlights individual and schools of fish in the water columns and reefs, wrecks, foreign objects and seafloor hardness changes on the seafloor. This development allows these multibeam sounders considered by mathematicians as fulfilling the perfect sounder equation to work on vessels who fish in deeper water and could not previously enjoy the full benefits of WASSP.

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30 May 2018

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