NZ's Latest Fishing Reports - 22/09/23

Hauraki Gulf - Espresso - Read on...

"Water temperatures shifting upwards bring the promise of good tidings to come and this summer should be a cracker for fishing."

Outer Hauraki Gulf - George Bourke - Read on...

"Much like the weather, the fishing is starting to really heat up in the Gulf. We’ve found booming workups and hot fishing on every trip over the past two weeks."

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Inner Hauraki Gulf - Bruce Duncan - Read on...

"All is looking good with the long-range summer forecast albeit we still have a bit of dodgy weather to get through this month."

Wellington - Pete Lamb - Read on...

"Before these gale northerlies came in there were good snapper getting caught by boaties from Makara to Kapiti and by surfcasters from Paikakariki northwards."

Tauranga - Russ Hawkins - Read on...

"The good old saga of the good, the bad, and the ugly? Well, weather-wise, it's been damn good or pretty ugly, but it is improving with this spring weather."

Bream Bay - Shannon Neho - Read on...

"As we approach the end of September, the fishing is becoming a little more consistent than it has been over the last few weeks."

Northland - Jordan Hensen - Read on...

"With the water temperatures still reminiscent of winter, the bite times have been short and sporadic. But for the persistent, results have been impressive."

Bay of Islands - Garry Townley - Read on...

"Finally, it’s on! Dolphins, gannets, terns, seals, and even a whale… chaos last Tuesday out in the middle of the Bay near the 50m mark."

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Top of the South - Dan Govier - Read on...

"In the top of the south, the southwest wind during spring is not very nice and can make the bay quite unpleasant to fish."

Canterbury - Simon McMillan - Read on...

"The past two weeks have seen some unsettled weather for us in Canterbury, with lots of wind over recent days. This has made fishing challenging at times." 

Otago - Jason Harman - Read on...

"Known as 'Ghosts of the Coast', sea-runs have a reputation for being fickle and secretive – there one day, gone the next. Some local knowledge is helpful."

Raglan - Murray Monds - Read on...

"Good fishing still prevails in the 70-meter-plus depths due to the sea surface temperature only just starting to lift."


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