MetService announce improvement to forecast readings

MetService announce improvement to forecast readings

Courtesy of MetService

We’re delighted to let you know that the go live date for the improvements to MetService’s coastal and recreational marine forecasts, are anticipated to take place on Tuesday 22 September.

MetService’s Marine and Recreational manager Elke Louw says the changes will make its marine forecasts clearer to understand and provide additional information regarding swell.

The new changes are:


  • Coastal forecasts split into daily forecasts

Coastal forecasts will be provided as a daily forecast covering each of the coming five days, mirroring the recreational forecasts which are already provided in this format.


  • Swell height added to the daily recreational and coastal forecasts

Recreational and coastal forecasts will highlight if there is a swell height greater than one metre each day.  Coastal forecasts already included swell information but it was summarised rather than provided in the daily forecast.


  • Addition of swell period information

We know that longer period swells can cause damage to harbours, cause coastal erosion and impact the maritime community.  We are therefore adding swell periods of greater than ten seconds for swell with a height of greater than one metre to our daily coastal forecasts.


  • Auckland recreational forecast split into four areas

The Auckland recreational forecast will provide more detailed information for four distinct areas within the Auckland marine area, namely Bream Head to Cape Colville, Hauraki Gulf, Manukau Harbour and Waitemata Harbour, given they are sensitive to different weather conditions


These improved coastal and recreational forecasts can be accessed through the usual channels which can include, the MetService marine app, VHF radio, your SAT C terminal.

“We hope these changes will make our 11 recreational and coastal forecasts covering 18 marine areas in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, more user friendly and enable you and your community to better plan and prepare for the conditions,” Elke Louw says.

“The addition of daily swell height and period information is one that we’ve been working on with the maritime community for some time and we know it is a welcome addition for those heading out on the water. “


19 September 2020

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