Matt is back! All new season of ITM Fishing

Matt is back! All new season of ITM Fishing

Press Release: 27 July 2020.

Roadside Birth in the Midst of a Storm.

It was 1.15am - Waitangi Day 2005, Matt Watson was filming his third season of The ITM Fishing Show. He has just got his first sponsored vehicle and he was driving it way too fast for the conditions. His wife Kaylene was in the passenger seat in final stages of labour and they realised they weren't going to make it all the way to Kawakawa hospital. So on the side of SH10 in Pakaraka amidst a thunder and lightning storm, they delivered their second child, a boy almost 10 pounds, definitely a keeper. That boy, Shaw Watson, now 15 years old is obsessed with fishing and appears with his father in the new season of the kiwi favourite, ITM Fishing!

In the episodes where Shaw joins his Dad, there are some great father-son moments, both when things are going well, and when things are going not so well. And aside from showing viewers how to catch, care for,  and cook a range of fish, it's a demonstration on how good it  is for Dads to share a common passion with their children. One of the episodes reveals how as a 13 year-old, Shaw accidentally hooked a giant swordfish that he battled for five hours under the guidance of Matt, but the fish was simply too big and broke the line, and young Shaw's spirit with it....................... but not for long. The pair set out again to try and get Shaw a swordfish, this time Shaw is a bit bigger and stronger and hooks a world record sized swordfish. And as the fight extends into the night, it becomes more than the story of catching a monster fish, but a coming-of-age tale of perseverance, respect and determination.


North V South fishing challenge.

Team North land a double hook-up of kingfish for Dane Coles and Sam Cane... and Team South celebrate a trophy snapper for Joe Moody.

Other guests in this series include a selection of top All Blacks that divide into North and South teams and go head to head in one of Matt's fishing challenges. As you'd expect it, there's loads of big fish and big banter, and you

will never see this group of world-class athletes so candid and relaxed. And that is something that comes through in this series, the enjoyment of it all. Matt has always been regarded as an up-beat guy, but there's an extra spark in Matt in the new episodes - we asked Matt what it is that keeps him so keen after all these years. "It dawned

on me recently that my time doing this isn't going to be forever, so these last few months I thought, I'm  going to make the most of every opportunity I get out on the water and pass on passion for fishing and share my knowledge, I've thought more about the fishing and less about making TV lately, and it's definitely boosted my mojo."

So is Shaw in line to take over the family business? "Ha, you're not the first to ask! Honestly I don't know, I just want him to enjoy his fishing, and if he wants to pursue a job in fishing media that's fine, but first I'd like to see him work hard at school and maybe get a trade behind him...geez I sound like an old Dad!"

Check out the NEW Season of ITM FISHING 5pm Sundays on THREE and see why it's New Zealand's most awarded outdoors TV show and a bastion of real kiwiana.

30 July 2020

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