Latest Fishing Reports - 9 February, 2024

The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine.

Top of the South - Dan Govier

"I have received the first confirmation of albacore tuna being caught in Tasman Bay with a few confirmed captures on Waitangi Day..."  >>> Read More

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Outer Hauraki Gulf - Espresso

"Snapper are on holiday a lot in this heat, but that’s no problem – target a few of the other fish out there waiting for you..."  >>> Read More

Tauranga - Russ Hawkins

"For me and other charter operators it has been again very hit and miss with the fish seeming to be quite finicky feeders..." >>> Read More

Bream Bay - Grant Dixon

"With the holidaymakers gone, the Bream Bay/Mangawhai area is fast returning to ‘situation normal’ as far as the fishing is concerned..." >>> Read More

Inner Hauraki Gulf - Bruce Duncan

"The inner Gulf has been very patchy by all accounts, and the snapper have been slow on the bite....">>> Read More

Bay of Islands - Garry Townley

"The snapper and kingfish seem a little more difficult to find but out deeper has worked for me and reports are of good catches in shallow..." >>> Read More

Whangarei/Bream Bay - Nik Key

"The water temps are cooling a bit and the fish seem to be in closer and hungry after spawning..." >>> Read More

Northland - Jordan Hensen

"Out wide, the fishing has been phenomenal with the pelagics turning up in full force..."  >>> Read More

Canterbury - Simon McMillan

"Having visited some of the local river mouths recently, the kahawai are still astounding me with their numbers..."  >>> Read More

Raglan - Murray Monds

"The odd gurnard and big kahawai can also be caught while pulling in snapper pannies around 25m depths, which has been fishing the best."   >>> Read More

Hibiscus Coast - Peter Hwang

"Fish during the morning period when it is cooler and quiet. By midday, it will be too hot and most of the fish will retreat to the deeper water..."   >>> Read More


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